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An integrated platform for lifestyle plans, coaching & communications

Coach Connect combines the personal touch of one-on-one coaching with the ease and convenience of a mobile app. With over 20 done-for-you programs to choose from, coaches are able to serve a wide variety of clients and their health and wellness needs.

Staying connected with your clients means better results, healthy clients, and a growing coaching practice.

Coaching, Convenience, Connecting - with Coach Connect.

spend less time

Coach Connect's done-for-you programs take the legwork out of prepping and planning. Simply enroll your client and the app provides the information.

spend more time

Our built in Daily Messages and In-App Reminders allow the client to feel connected with you throughout the day. Need a one on one check in? Our in-app text feature allows you to reach out directly.

get better data for
better results

In addition to food and movement tracking, clients can document their physical and mental condition, sleep, and supplement intake to give you and your clients a complete picture of their health and wellnes, inside and out.

build your practice
and your brand

With over 20 done-for-you programs across a broad spectrum of health and wellness subjects, you are in position to expand your potential client base and manage their success from the palm of your hand.

Transform your practice with Coach Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a monthly subscription?

The Solo Coach monthly subscription price is $79. This includes:
  • Unlimited clients
  • Built in, done-for-you plans
  • Fitness tracker integration
  • Self-guided onboarding
  • Online customer support

Can I stop and start my membership? If so, is there a fee associated with that?

Subscriptions are month-to-month. You can cancel and resubscribe at any time. If you cancel, your clients will still be able to access the app and view the programs that you previously assigned to them.

Are there other coaching programs in addition to the Health Coach Institute plans?

Yes, the app also comes with done-for-you plans* for standard diets –including paleo, autoimmune paleo, and health heart. These have been created by a Registered Dietician and you are free to use them with your clients.

How will I know what my client’s see?

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How will I know how the app works?

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Simplify your workflow, be more effective, stress less.

Coach Connect is easy to set up and use, and enables you to get more done in less time, and get better results for your clients. With our affordable subscription plans, you'll be able to scale as your practice continues to grow.

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