Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a monthly subscription?

The Solo Coach monthly subscription price is $79. This includes: The Solo Lite monthly subscription price is $29.95. This includes:
  • Up to 5 clients
  • Built in, done-for-you plans
  • Fitness tracker integration
  • Self-guided onboarding
  • Online customer support
The Solo Coach monthly subscription price is $79. This includes:
  • Unlimited clients
  • Built in, done-for-you plans
  • Fitness tracker integration
  • Self-guided onboarding
  • Online customer support

Can I stop and start my membership? If so, is there a fee associated with that?

Subscriptions are month-to-month. You can cancel and resubscribe at any time. If you cancel, your clients will still be able to access the app and view the programs that you previously assigned to them.

Are there other coaching programs in addition to the Health Coach Institute plans?

Yes, the app also comes with done-for-you plans* for standard diets –including paleo, autoimmune paleo, and health heart. These have been created by a Registered Dietician and you are free to use them with your clients.

How will I know what my client’s see?

Watch this video link

How will I know how the app works?

Watch this video link

I have my own program, can I use that?

Yes, we can help put in custom plans, just contact our technology partner if you are interested in a custom plan.

Can I have my own brand rather than HCI’s?

Yes, Mbody360 has the ability to create a branded app – your App Store and Play Store listing, your own logo on the icon and splash screens. Contact our technology partner, if you are interested in a branded app.

What if my clients or I have issues with the app?

Tech support is provided 7 days a week. A support button is available in your coach’s portal, or you or clients can email (our technology partner).

Is there a website version of the app?

No, early beta testing showed that clients were not interested in logging into a website and tracking. If your clients do not have a smartphone or tablet, the plans are available for them to print and follow.

Is there an app for coaches to manage their clients?

No but the Portal site design is responsive, meaning it works from the web browser in your phone or tablet.

What mobile platform does the app work with?

Both iOS and Android.

The standard plans are 14 and 28 days, I work on longer cycles, can the plans be longer?

Yes, just let MBody 360 know the number of days you need.

What if I just want my clients to track their food and movement, do I need to assign them a specific plan?

Yes, but we have a Food Diary Plan for just tracking, it does not have meal plans, shopping lists or recipes.

How many plan(s) can you assign to a client at one time?

One, otherwise they’d need to track in multiple instances.

Is there a way to track a client’s progress like weight, movement, etc without attaching a plan to them?

Use the Food Diary Plan for just tracking, there are no meal plans, shopping lists or recipes.

What trackers (FitBit, etc.) does the app support?

FitBit and hundreds of others including Jawbone, Withings etc. If the tracker or app connects with Apple Health App and Google Fit we connect to it.

Common Support Questions/Issues:

I assigned the wrong start date/need to change the start date for a client.

If the plan has not started, your client can change the start date once they log into the app. If it has started, go to the client detail and select “End Plan” at the top, then select “Add Plan” to reassign the plan.

My client has not received the sign-up/welcome email with the password. How do a resend?

First have your client check their spam folder. Coaches also receive a copy of the email, you can forward that to your client. If you did not receive the email, check your spam folder. Lastly, you client can reset their password without receiving the initial email. Have them open the app and select the Forgot Password Link to reset.

How do I add my client’s Fitness Pal/Jawbone Up, etc?

All trackers except for Fitbit connect to the app via Google Fit or Apple Health. If the app integrates with these, the app can pull in that data. Have your client connect to Health Kit and/or Play from those apps or the wearable, then select Health App or Fit under the Fitness Device section of the Movement screen. If your client is using Fitbit, they can connect directly to Fitbit from the Movement Screen.

I get an error message that my email is invalid.

We need to check that the email is correct in the backend. To do so, email our technology partner,

My client is not receiving the pop-up reminders.

Have them go to the Profile under the More Menu and make sure notifications are on.

If my client has finished a plan and I start them on a new plan and it is not they need to delete the app and download again or is there a different way to get the new assigned plan?

Have them go to Profile under The More Menu. Select logout in the upper right corner. When they log back in they will see a list of their plans, the most recent one is on top.

I tried to sign up using my professional email and when I try to login I receive an error message to contact support.

This is likely an issue due to wrong email address/need to change, contact

My client is told there is not a plan assigned, but one was assigned.

Please verify that they downloaded the correct app. For further support, contact

My client doesn't want prescheduled messages that are part of the plan. How do I end them?

Under the More Menu, profile, they can turn off notifications.